Today we want to introduce you to our international Coach David Gabriel aka “Megatron” who will be in the Audie Norris Basketball Camp for 2 weeks, teaching the campers and showing his talent. Let’s get to know him a little bit better.

Nice to meet you Megatron!




David Gabriel received a full athletic scholarship to Palm Beach Atlantic University (Division II NCAA) winning the 2010 NCCAA Regional Basketball Championship. Following his collegiate career, David played professionally under FIBA, the most recognizable professional international basketball association to date.  Through this appointment, David has played with international powerhouses in Peru, Chile, Germany and Venezuela.

In 2012, David’s growth as an international basketball player was recognized and he was signed to the world renowned Streetball Team AND1 LIVE.

In 2016, David was yet again part of a highly popular team, Court Kingz. Traveling the world and spreading his knowledge as well as playing against the best competition that the world has to offer. From Venezuela to the Philippines, David has a vast knowledge and a plethora of experience to share.



Also playing alongside of The Harlem Globetrotters in 2017, David has shown that there is no limit to the type of basketball that he can play. Traveling all across the U.S with the Globetrotters and entertaining families and children everywhere.

Knowing first-hand the opportunities that may come from hard work, education, dedication and focus, David Gabriel takes his passion for basketball to help serious student-athletes have a better chance at being successful through Hoop-Fit. He brings to the table relevant experiences, higher education, collegiate training and professional skills matched by none.



How did you start playing basketball?

DG: I started playing serious/competitive basketball when was a sophomore in high school (2003). I was the tallest kid in my school and was not very good at playing basketball, but I was tall and the coach of the school made sure that I came to tryouts and see what I can do on the court. I was only able to do two (2) things, jump and dunk. I did these things very well.




DG: Education is something that I take very seriously. I graduated high school with a full scholarship to play college basketball and earn an education.  I earned an Associates Degree in Physical Education, Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services, as well as a Masters degree in Sports Management. It is important to me that I show I am more than just a basketball player, especially to my daughter.


Plans for the future

DG: My plans for the future is to continue to play basketball at a high level, maybe even here in Spain. Also to grow my Company/Academy “HOOP-FIT” at home and on a global level. Changing lives and educating youth through basketball.


Is there any limit to the creativity in the show basketball? is everything scripted or do you make it up as you go?

DG: Honestly, there has never been any scripts ever when I played with any of the the Streetball teams. It is all real and the things that you see are actually happening, not acted out.

But the creativity level of the guys that I have played alongside with is amazing. Some of the moves and dunks that they come up with are truly incredible. So I would have to say that there is no limit to the amount of creativity when it comes to basketball in general.




The Harlem Globetrotters have been filling the gyms for 90 year. What it the reason for this? What is the daily routine?

The Harlem Globetrotters are a household name. Mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, everyone knows The Harlem Globetrotters. They are great basketball players as well as great entertainers. They take baskeball and make it a true family event. I feel that is why they have been so successful at what they do. Daily routine is just as any other professional team that you can think of, practice, workout, rest, and play. It is still basketball at the end of the day.



How was working for And1, who were your teammates or famous names in And1?

Working with AND1, one of the most popular streetball teams in the world, that was an amazing opportunity. They provided experiences and memories that I will never forget. My first game with And1 in Dothan, Alabama, I had 17 dunks and 15 rebounds, it was a good first game for me.

Some of the guys that I played along with were Hot Sauce, 50, Werm, High Rizer, Pharmacist, Silk, Polo, I’ll Be Right Back, Spyda, Guy Dupuy, Justin Darlington, and a few more guys. They are all great athletes and know the game of streetball very well.


How was working for Court Kingz and who were your teammates?

Court Kingz, another one of the world’s most famous streetball teams. Court Kingz really gave me an opportunity to create a name for myself. Playing with them is great, so many people know who we are and are excited about seeing us. Also, we do more than just play basketball, we give back to the community, perform community service, on our trip to Venezuela we brought over 500 shoes, clothes and hygiene products to the people the needed them. Court Kingz raises the bar when it comes to streetball and really making a difference with basketball.

A few of my teammates were ManiLove, ZigZag, Remix Ran, Sir Issac, Mr.Viral, Jumpin Joe, Doug Anderson, Supermane, and Terry Turner. All great people and great basketball players.



What is the story behind the name Megatron?

Well, I did not have a streetball name with Court Kingz, this is something you earn from how you play. Usually a person does not pick their own name, so my teammates got together and thought about my game. I am tall, strong, and big. I dunk the ball very strong and angry. So after about one hour of trying to find a name, ManiLove said Megatron. And just like that, everyone agreed “MEGATRON”.



3×3 basketball will be an olympic sport.

I think that 3X3 basketball is a great idea for an olympic sport. Basketball is already popular, to bring it in a different format such as a 3X3, it’s genius. I believe that fans will love it and  that it is going to be a lot more challenging than it looks. There are a lot of players out there that do very well in a half court setting. I am looking forward to seeing it happen.




When did you have the idea to do this type of show basketball?

Streetball was a blessing for me. I was not looking for it, but God had plans for me and streetball. I love it, it is fun and a great way to stay in shape and creative.




How many hours do you dedicate to working on your craft?

Any free time that I have goes into working on my craft. I have spent 3-4 hours in the gym, even 6 hours. Working out, shooting 500 jump shots, 500 hooks, 100 dunks, dribbling drills, defensive drills. Lifting weights to become stronger, running suicides and jumping rope to become faster, and also learning the game. Learning the game is the best thing that I could have done. Now I am able to play the game Physically and Mentally.



What are the goals that you have set for your Academy in Florida?

HOOP-FIT is the name of my Academy and the goals are to help change the lives of our youth through basketball, educate our youth in NCAA Clearinghouse requirements, also to build better character, basketball players, and people . By utilizing education, basketball and the skills that are needed for both, we have found the perfect recipe to better the chances of our student athletes playing at a collegiate level. Also, we are expanding globally, we are working on changing the lives of youth around the world on every continent.


How do you like Barcelona? is this your first time in Spain, in Europe?

I love Barcelona. Possibly my favorite place so far. It is my first time in Spain and I do not want to go back home. The people, the food, the atmosphere, all beautiful.



I have been to Europe before, I went to Germany for a tournament in Frankfurt. I also enjoyed Germany.



Thank you “Megatron” for coaching our campers in the Audie Norris Basketball Camp


Photos: David Grau and Megatron’s Instagram @davegabe


Miguel Lois
Director de Comunicación
Audie Norris Basketball Camp